GREAT WEST TRUCK AND TRAILER FINISHES AS THE NUMBER ONE BLOOMER TRAILER DEALER IN THE NATION Great West Truck and Trailer Finishes As The Number One Bloomer Trailer Dealer In The Nation

Great West Truck and Trailer of Fort Morgan, Colorado has sold more Bloomer Trailers in 2017 than any other dealer in the country

SALADO, TX – January 4, 2018 – Bloomer Trailers of Salado, TX, has announced that Great West Truck and Trailer is the #1 Dealer in the United States for the 2017 year according to Todd Overfield, Dealer Coordinator for Bloomer Trailer Mfg., Inc.

Great West Truck and Trailer owner, Josh Motley, has visualized being in the number one position for years. He believes that his team’s dedication and customer service is what helped make this year, the best yet. “We worked really hard this year to complete the sales of any potential customer,” Motley continued, “I’m proud of what we have accomplished. There are several great Bloomer dealers in great locations and with my dealership location and the weather we endure, we had to work harder this year to finish on top. We had to make success happen and it paid off.” 

Motley is no stranger to the brand; he crossed the million-dollar mark in Bloomer Trailer sales in 2009. He has sold several hundred Bloomer Trailers over the past fifteen years and his dedication to the brand has set him apart as one of the top Bloomer Trailers dealers in the country. 

The owner of Bloomer Trailers, Randy Bloomer, said that Great West Truck and Trailer has set the bar high this year. “What impressed me the most is that they started out $400,000 behind and in nine months they not only made that up but surpassed all of the other Bloomer Dealerships’ sales numbers,” Bloomer continued, “A year after that and they are number one. That speaks volumes for their work ethic and the team. They’re passionate and they continue to have a great customer satisfaction rating and repeat customers. It has been a great year for their team.”

The team at Great West Truck and Trailer are excited for the new year and Bloomer Trailers is proud to continue a partnership that has cultivated more each year. With the Bloomer Trailers year running from October 1-September 30th, they are excited to see what Bloomer Trailer dealers do in the 2018 year. 

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