Our Journey to 20 Years

Statistics show that 96% of businesses fail within 10 years, but one brand has stood solid for 20 years under one man’s leadership. A staple in the aluminum horse trailer industry, Bloomer Trailers, has made a name for themselves as a reputable company that produces “only the best” products for 20 years.

In 1998, Randy Bloomer, changed the horse trailer industry for the better. As someone who was involved in the Western industry and had experience with horse trailer sales, Bloomer knew that the livestock safety was a huge component of a trailer and he set out to modernize and revolutionize the industry. Now, 20 years later, the Bloomer Trailers brand is not only used by World Champions in every Western discipline, but it is also being used by top Billboard musicians, race car drivers and more.

This year, Bloomer Trailer Manufacturing is celebrating the memories of their 20 years in the industry. To appreciate their success, we must look back at where it all started. Randy and Kim Bloomer started Bloomer Trailers in 1998 in the middle of chemical alley on the LaMarque/Texas City line. From the start, Bloomer Trailers hired the best people in the industry to help build the brand, some of those key players are still with them today. “We have never stopped challenging ourselves to find a better or safer way to protect our customers and their livestock,” said Randy Bloomer, when speaking about why Bloomer Trailers is different than other brands on the market. Their innovations led to the newest model of the Bloomer Trailer, “The Evolution,” to remind them that they have yet to build the perfect trailer, so they had to keep moving forward and trying new ideas.

In 2002, Bloomer Trailers moved forward in a big way. They started building a state of the art production facility in Central Texas to serve as a convenient location for dealers, customers and their vendors. Upon completion in 2003, Bloomer Trailers moved over forty employees and their families to Salado, TX to help continue the craftsmanship that was expected by their loyal customers. Now, 15 years after moving to Central Texas, the company continues to live by their motto of, “only the best.” Today, Bloomer Trailers has over 80 full-time employees that are proud of the brand they build. Although the brand has grown tremendously, it still practices the principles it was built on. You will still see Randy Bloomer working at shows and visiting with customers and still to this day, he makes a point to be involved daily in the industry.

Bloomer Trailers have the best dealer network in the horse trailer industry, many of the dealers and salesman have been a part of the Bloomer Team for over 15 years and share their sense of pride in selling the best trailer brand on the market. Bloomer Dealers continue to provide an extraordinary experience when purchasing a Bloomer Trailer and their priority has been to provide superior product quality and total customer satisfaction.

Twelve years ago, Bloomer Trailers decided to get more involved in the youth aspect of the rodeo industry. Since 2007, Bloomer Trailers has had a Bloomer Trailers High School Rodeo Team with 33 youth athletes, these athletes are not only Bloomer customers, but they are the best athletes in and out of the arena. Teaching these young athletes how to interview, take pictures, acquire sponsorships and more has been Bloomer Trailers way of giving back. Some of the youth athletes have went on win World Championships, become doctors or have their own families, most of which still own a Bloomer Trailer. It has been rewarding to see former team members remain loyal to the brand long after they rodeo. Several traditions in their Bloomer Trailer are being passed down to the next generation and that is a true testament to the Bloomer brand.

Bloomer Trailers have been used in an array of settings, from little league games, glamping, hunting, beach vacations and more, Bloomer Trailers have truly become a part of their customer’s family traditions. Your trailer is supposed to adapt to your lifestyle, which is why we strive to make a product that can not only handle the miles, but also handle the adventure ahead of you.

In addition to many uses of a Bloomer Trailer, they still are heavily involved in the sport that helped them get to where they are today. The Bloomer Trailers company is involved in a large majority of equine sports, they are the official trailer of the Wrangler National Finals, Rodeo, World Series of Team Roping, The American Rodeo, National Reined Cowhorse Association, Pendleton Roundup, Texas High School Rodeo Association and The Bob Feist Invitational.

As a part of their 20-year anniversary, Bloomer Trailers, has decided to celebrate the memories that have been made in a Bloomer Trailer. Customers have sent in pictures of their trailers from every decade to show that their Bloomer can handle the miles. Although the brand is growing older, the passion is stronger than ever. As for the future, they expect “only the best.”

For more information about Bloomer Trailers please visit www.bloomertrailers.com.

Media Contact: Alexis Bloomer, Breaking Records Media (254)308-2218 alexis@breakingrecordsmedia.com