WEATHERFORD, Texas – (February 21, 2017) Championship Bull Riding and Bloomer Trailers announced a strategic partnership that will be the forerunner to the development of the first Bloomer livestock trailer exclusively tailored to meet the needs and desires of the bucking bull industry.

This Made in America Bloomer stock trailer is scheduled to be revealed at the CBR World Finals at Cheyenne Frontier Days in July. The mutually beneficial partnership could provide a blueprint for the next shift in the livestock transportation industry.

CBR announced that Bloomer Trailers will build the trophy trailers for the CBR’s Stock Contractor of the Year and World Champion Bull Team owner with the same integrity and attention to details that has earned them kudos from the equine industry for almost two decades.

“We are thrilled and welcome Bloomer Trailers to our CBR family, Randy Bloomer’s commitment to excellence is evident in the success of his company and his focused effort and detailed planning in manufacturing will make a significant impact and difference in the livestock industry…productivity is never an accident,” said Benny Cude, CEO of Championship Bull Riding(CBR).

The task of building the transportation for these four legged super stars is exciting said owner Randy Bloomer.

“We build a lot of trailers but live animals in the majority of the trailer space requires a different type of trailer.”

According to the Texas born businessman who began the company in 1998 and remains at the helm, Randy Bloomer says this kind of trailer requires a different application in the building process. The trailers must be welded together instead of pneumatic fasteners like in a horse trailer. There are so many moving parts in a horse trailer versus a livestock trailer. It needs to be stronger and yet still attractive.

“We are not interested in building a scaled down model, we plan on building a quality trophy trailer to the deserving winners of these prestigious awards and for our stock line customers who count on quality,” continued Bloomer.

What Gives Bloomer an edge in the livestock transportation industry?

Bloomer’s commitment to excellence has helped the nineteen year old Made in America company carve out its reputation as the breakout leader in livestock transportation that will fundamentally reshape the way we haul our animals in the decades to come.

“We are a hands on company, I have been building trailers for nineteen years and my day to day role has not changed, I take each order and call personally and it bothers me if there is an issue, I never want to make an apology for one of my trailers or dealers,” said Bloomer from the headquarters in Salado, Texas.

Bloomer began full production of their first stock trailer, The Extreme, in June of 2016.

“I only want the best for these animals and their owners, making sure the flexing and stress points are just right keeps me up at night, I wake up and go to bed thinking about it,” said Bloomer.

Why Championship Bull Riding?

Bloomer first became interested in CBR when Tuff Hedeman invited them to the World Finals at Cheyenne Frontier Days, the world’s largest outdoor rodeo.

“The last several years we have been to Cheyenne and attended the CBR World Finals, it just keeps getting better and better, the production, the crowd, it was just a great experience,” said Bloomer about CBR.

Bloomer has earned its place in the equine world with customers who are passionate about their sport and Bloomer is excited to join hands with CBR who has fans and stock contractors who parallel that of the equine industry.

“We were going to introduce the increased stock line this year when our Pro Team bull rider Sage Kimzey, who is a three time PRCA World Champion and two time CBR World Champ, suggested we talk to CBR. So I met with CBR Chief Executive Officer Benny Cude and found he is as serious about what he does as I am about building trailers and that was important to me,” continued Bloomer.

“The stock contractors I met are passionate and they are earning a living with the bulls and it is important how they transport their animals, they are competing for huge prize packages, it creates excitement and we get excited about being a part of that business. I had a choice to go wherever I wanted and I put my money in CBR. I like what they stand for and I built this business with integrity in my life and it is important that I experience that every day in my surroundings.”

“We could have put our sponsorship money anywhere and we chose Championship Bull Riding.”

About Bloomer Trailers

Bloomer Trailers is the world’s leading manufacturer of custom and state-of-the-art horse trailers… Period! The proof is their brand loyal customer base, which includes multiple World Champions from virtually every equine discipline. The only brand these professionals trust is a Bloomer Trailer when it comes to protecting their horses because they know that technology and safety is a vital key to their horse’s performance upon arriving at their events. No other trailer company has spent more money on research and development than Bloomer Trailers and they continue their practice of finding better and safer ways to transport your horses. Since Bloomers first trailer rolled out in 1998 its commitment has and always will be to use only the best components available anywhere. Add a 10-year structural warranty to a trailer that is already known to feature components available only on a Bloomer Trailer and you quickly see why Bloomer Trailers have such a loyal customer base. However Bloomer realizes they aren’t simply building the best trailer available anywhere in the world they are building a trailer that matches the way you live. They call it the Bloomer Trailer lifestyle. They are dedicated to the purpose of making it “Only the Best” OTB.