SALADO, TX (JUNE 4, 2021) – Bloomer Trailers, the only Texas based aluminum horse trailer manufacturer is proud to say that they are now GO TEXAN certified. Bloomer Trailers is proud to be a Texas based company that was established in 1998 and strives to create the best custom horse trailer on the market.

“For over 20 years, the Texas Department of Agriculture’s GO TEXAN program has been dedicated to showcasing products and businesses made right here in the Lonestar State.” The GO TEXAN program aims to help Texas based businesses reach consumers across the world while promoting Texas pride.

“We are so proud to be members of GO TEXAN because we are Texans and we have immense pride for our state and leadership,” says Bloomer Trailers CEO, Randy Bloomer, “We had several choices when it came to where we would base our company out of, but to us we knew that Texas was the only option. We never question why we are proud, but rather, how could you not be? The GO TEXAN label is something that we are proud to represent.”

As a Texas based company with deep ties to the agricultural industry, Bloomer Trailers is the perfect fit for the GO TEXAN program. Bloomer Trailers is proud to join the elite brands of Texas that pride themselves on Texas values.

Bloomer Trailers state of the art facility is based in Salado, TX, with dealers across the country. For more information, please visit


About Bloomer Trailers

Bloomer Trailers started in 1998 in the middle of chemical alley on the LaMarque/Texas City Line. By hiring the best and most experienced key people in the industry it allowed us to hit the ground running and start on the path of achieving the goals that have been our benchmark. Our goals were to build every trailer with the best component’s money could buy and build the components that we could do better than what was available. The key word we used was every component. By 2000, Bloomer had hit our stride and already had introduced many new components to the horse trailer had never done. We have never stopped challenging ourselves to find a better or safer way to protect our customers and their livestock. That is where our slogan of the “blinders are off” came from.

When we named the newest model The Evolution it was to remind ourselves that we have yet to build the perfect trailer, so keep working on ideas.

In 2002, Bloomer Trailers started building a state-of-the-art production facility in Central Texas to serve as a convenient location for dealers, customers, and our vendors. Upon completion in 2003, Bloomer moved over forty employees and their families to Central Texas to continue the craftsmanship that was expected and desired by the Bloomer Trailers customers.

We feel to describe Bloomer Trailers is by photo collections through the years…and we would like to say to our customers, dealers, and employees…you are the best!