With a passion to continually improve the Texas High School Rodeo Association, Bloomer Trailers and THSRA are excited to announce that $50,000 in added money will be given away at the 2017 THSRA State Finals in Abilene, Texas, June 4-10.Twenty thousand of that added money will come directly from the funds raised by the Bloomer Trailer giveaway during the 2015-2016 rodeo season, the remainder of the added money is being added by THSRA.

Randy Bloomer, Owner of Bloomer Trailers, has championed this enhancement and says, “The THSRA is the largest youth rodeo program in the United States. Since we only take 4 athletes out of each event we leave some of the best competitors out of the National High School Finals each year. Texas has the size, talent and number of competitors to have a Texas Shootout so why not recognize the best by having the prize money reflect the premiere high school finals.”

With a goal to eventually have $100,000 in added money at the finals, the board of directors and Bloomer promise that this is just the beginning. Bloomer said, “ I wanted to find a way to say THSRA is the largest paying youth rodeo in the world! This is only the first step, but this is Texas and the parents and sponsors are the best anywhere so I have no doubt we will succeed. If an athlete has competed all year with success and suffers a misstep at the finals then let’s at least give them a chance at some real money. All of the THSRA board members have been 100% supportive of these goals. We are excited about the growth THSRA will have over the next few years so get ready to set the bar for the rest of the country!”


As a non-profit organization, the Texas High School Rodeo and Junior High Division Association relies heavily on the help and support of our sponsors to ensure all parts of our organization are funded and running smoothly. From the state finals, to monthly region rodeos, to providing scholarships for our members, our sponsors continue to exceed our expectations with the passion and loyalty they have for our organization.

Bloomer Trailers plays a large role in the THSRA, and they are definitely not trailing behind when it comes to sponsorship support! In fact, Bloomer Trailers helped us raise $190,000 for the THSRA and TJHRA during the 2015-2016 year, and they have hauled in almost $900,000 over the past eight years for both high school and junior high divisions.

“We are thrilled to have such a great partner in Bloomer Trailers. We know that they really care for our student athletes and want to help us enhance our association,” Chris Wolfe, President of the THSRA said.“Their sponsorship helps us accomplish our mission of enriching the lives of Texas student rodeo athletes by preserving our western heritage through the sport of rodeo, promoting family values, and providing future opportunities through college scholarships.”

While Bloomer helps in many ways, their main form of giving is through the Bloomer Trailer Giveaway program. The company donates a trailer to our organization to be given away during our state finals each year. Through this program our members are responsible for selling raffle tickets throughout the year to family and friends. The tickets are then collected from each region secretary and placed in a drawing for a winner to be chosen during the THSRA state finals. Last year, Troy Arledge was the lucky winner of the brand new Bloomer Trailer.


While a free trailer has some definite perks, the best part of this program is that 80 percent of the money raised stays in the regions where the tickets are sold. This allows regions additional funds for scholarships, awards and other special programs and events for their members. The remaining 20 percent goes to the state association to be used for scholarships, awards and general operating expenses.

In addition to a donated trailer, and a pocket full of money given to the organization, Bloomer’s sponsorship opens a door to promote the sport of rodeo.

“In order for the sport to grow and thrive it takes involvement from many outside sources,” Bloomer Trailers CEO, Randy Bloomer said. “My goal is to provide a platform to let each child, region, and the association grow and thrive in a sport that is constantly coming under more scrutiny from outside sources. Good leadership and sponsorships are a must to create education, community awareness, and represent rodeo in a more professional light to attract sponsors that are not currently involved.”

The Texas High School Rodeo Association is a 501-C non-profit organization that is the largest, most prestigious state junior high and high school rodeo association in the nation. When you get involved with THSRA and TJHRA, you are supporting family values, dedicated young people and scholarships, and we are so thankful for Bloomer Trailers assistance in that, and the sponsorship they so graciously provide year after year.

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